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Advanced Comfort
We produce our mattresses with state of the art
material handling systems & upholstery
equipment. All our products are tested for quality
and are backed by our extended warranty.

Same day Delivery Available on in-stock items

At Harbor Mattress our purpose, our vision, and our values have remained the same. We believe in putting our customers first, knowing that success will follow. We believe in the power of honesty and integrity. And lastly, we believe in bringing you “better quality, at lower prices”. We’ve been saying so for years! This is why we’re so excited to announce a new line of mattresses from Symbol Mattress!

 Symbol Mattress truly embodies our “better quality, at lower prices” motto.

You may have never heard of Symbol Mattress, and they’d be just fine with that. Symbol’s business model forgoes pricey direct-to-consumer ad campaigns and instead focuses on wowing retailers like us! In turn, these savings on marketing are passed down to the customer. This allows Symbol Mattress to offer their comfortable, quality mattresses at remarkably low prices. Furthermore, they are made here in America!

Queen Split Boxes $140

Made In America
Our ability to process components in house versus outsourcing allows us to maintain tight control over quality and costs.